Plenary Speakers

Takeo Igarashi
The University of Tokyo

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Title: Design Tools in the Age of Personal Fabrication

BIO Takeo Igarashi is a professor at CS department, the University of Tokyo. He received PhD from Dept of Information Engineering, the University of Tokyo in 2000. His research interest is in user interface in general and current focus is on interaction techniques for 3D graphics. He is known as the inventor of sketch-based modeling system called Teddy, and received The Significant New Researcher Award at SIGGRAPH 2006.

Wenzel Jakob

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Title: Exploiting coherence in light transport simulations

BIO Wenzel Jakob is an assistant professor in the School of Computer and Communication Sciences at the Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne (EPFL). His research interests revolve around material appearance modeling, rendering algorithms, and the high-dimensional geometry of light paths. Wenzel obtained his Ph.D. at Cornell University under the supervision of Steve Marschner, after which he joined ETH Zurich for postdoctoral studies under the supervision of Olga Sorkine Hornung. Wenzel is also the lead developer of the Mitsuba renderer, a research-oriented rendering system.

Yaron Lipman
Weizmann Institute of Science

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Title: Orbifold Tutte’s Embedding

BIO Yaron Lipman is a faculty member at the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics in the Weizmann Institute of Science. Yaron did his PhD at Tel-Aviv University and postdoc at Princeton University. Yaron’s research interests are in geometric modeling and processing, computer graphics, shape comparison and analysis and image processing.