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Thank you for attending!

Many thanks to all the speakers, attendees, and sponsors for making MEIS2015 such a great success! We believe all the attendees could share and enjoy the wide and interdisciplinary scope of MEIS ranging from CG to mathematics.

The next MEIS will be held in November in 2016.

The detailed plan will soon be announced at this website. So please keep your eyes on it at some time or another.

Yoshinori Dobashi and Hiroyuki Ochiai
MEIS2015 Conference Co-Chairs


Date: 25 (Fri) -27 (Sun) September 2015
Venue: Nishijin Plaza Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan

The international symposium MEIS2015 aims at giving a unique venue where various issues in CG application fields are discussed by mathematicians, CG researchers and practitioners. Through the previous conferences, MEIS2013 and MEIS2014, mathematicians as well as CG researchers have recognized that CG is a specific and practical activity derived from mathematical theories. Issues found in CG broaden the field of mathematics (and vice versa), and CG visualizes mathematical theories in an aesthetic way.In this year, we try to provoke interdisciplinary research projects through the peer-reviewed paper/poster presentations at the symposium.

Several invited talks will also attract and inspire prospective attendees who work in academia or industries having strong interests on digital media creations, scientific visualization and visual engineering.




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